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Learn with Nethone how Know Your Users™ approach can help you instantly and exhaustively understand any online visitor and prevent fraud. Know Your Users to resolve fraud

Our CEO, Hubert Rachwalski will lead a live product overview about Know Your Users™ approach, which enables comprehensive, in‑depth, multidimensional profiling of all online users entering your website.

From knowing customers to understanding their real motives ‑ KYU is an essential tool for the new era of customer‑centric services. Moreover, it helps to recognise who’s a fraudster and who’s a legitimate user without causing any additional friction. During Nethone live session you can learn more about it!

You will also find unswears for such questions as following:

  • What value does advanced user profiling bring?
  • How Machine Learning can support your team in fighting fraud?
  • Why is it crucial to have support from the fraud prevention provider’s Data Science team?

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About the speaker: Hubert Rachwalski, CEO, Nethone

Responsible for creating and operationalizing Nethone go-to-market strategy, coordination of key business development projects, and building relationships with all stakeholders. Experienced business executive with extensive professional experience earned in the world’s leading consulting firms.


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