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Fraud alert: gift cards are on the radar of fraudsters! Join Nethone X MRC Webinar, June 24, 6 PM CEST (5 PM BST/ 9 AM PDT) to find out how to prevent gift card fraud and reduce chargeback ratio! Gift card fraud prevention webinar MRC It is predicted that globally in 2021, customers will spend over $500 billion on gift cards! Flexibility seems to be the key to their popularity. In fact, to complete the transaction, customers usually only need an internet connection.

However, scammers take advantage of inattention by merchants. As a result, they often have to face high chargeback ratios caused by this type of fraud.

In this webinar, Aleksander Kijek aims to explain what mechanisms should be implemented to protect both the customers and online business owners. The Q&A session at the end of the event gives you the opportunity to chat with a highly skilled fraud expert who will be more than happy to share his knowledge on this topic.

Join Aleksander in his webinar to find out how you are exposing your business to fraud and what you can do to protect it.

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