Nethone is a data science company

We specialised in AI-driven business intelligence and fraud prevention. Nethone enables online merchants to sell more, earn more, and maximise every dollar they invest in risk management and customer acquisition.

What we do

Nethone is where advanced data science meets a truly individual approach to each of our client’s unique challenges, goals and vision. We create custom AI-driven solutions that convert threats into profitable decisions. Automatically. In real time.

quoteBe they fraudsters or legitimate cardholders, new shoppers or return customers, brand loyalists or discount hunters, we know how to tell each from the other and turn this knowledge into well-informed, profitable decisions.
We help online merchants sell more, earn more and maximise each dollar they spend on business intelligence and fraud prevention. Thanks to our unique blend of AI and human ingenuity we protect our clients’ bottom lines against fraud and streamline their risk management processes.

We provide unique, data-driven business insights that they can leverage to get ahead of the game in the competitive world of online commerce. Nethone utilizes diverse state-of-the art technologies, including in-depth User Profiling (5000+ data points), Behaviour Analytics, Device Fingerprinting and more. We gather, enrich, extend, and crunch all of this data to provide our clients with actionable information. Our data science team creates custom Machine Learning models for each business case after thoroughly analysing and understanding all the circumstances the client operates under.

In effect, we can thoroughly x-ray each single individual on our client’s website, discover links between thousands of apparently unrelated variables and accurately predict actions their users will undertake.

Who we are

Our data science team includes some of the world’s highest-skilled professionals in the field of data analysis. Nethone experts combine broad experience earned in various multinational organizations, including Google, Samsung and Microsoft, as well as rich academic backgrounds gained at Europe’s leading Universities.

Nethone Hubert Rachwalski
Hubert Rachwalski
Chief Executive Officer
Hubert is a senior business executive with extensive professional experience earned in the world’s leading management consulting firms - The Boston Consulting Group and PwC. Specialising in strategic advisory roles for financial institutions, IT companies and entities from the industrial goods sector and energy, Hubert has a world class professional track record, including the successful completion of numerous projects across various business functions.
At Nethone, Hubert is responsible for creating and operationalizing the company’s go-to-market strategy, coordination of key business development projects and building relationships with all stakeholders.
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Nethone Aleksander Kijek
Aleksander Kijek
Chief Product Officer
Aleksander is a highly-skilled programmer and a Linux enthusiast fascinated by FinTech and Neuroscience. Prior to joining Nethone, he developed his technical and soft skills as a leader of PISAK project (an initiative stimulating the social inclusion of heavily disabled people through technology) and a coordinator of multiple projects at American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.
At Nethone, Aleksander is responsible for business and product development, workflow management and ensuring comprehensive operational excellence at the company.
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Nethone Rodrigo Camacho
Rodrigo Camacho
Chief Commercial Officer
Rodrigo is a strategy-oriented professional, consultant and facilitator with a wealth of experience in organisational development and international practices. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics obtained at Panthéon Assas - Près la Sorbonne and an MSc in Strategy earned at HEC Paris. Prior to joining Nethone, he held Account Management and Brand Manager roles at L’Oreal. As a native-level speaker of French, Spanish and English, he is passionate about languages, culture, religion and philosophy.
At Nethone, Rodrigo is in charge of developing the company’s commercial strategy as well as identifying and seizing business opportunities to sustain Nethone’s rapid growth.
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